Growth of Business (The Greenhouse Effect)

As the first leaves break through the ground, that is when the plant is at its most vulnerable.

A business is at its most vulnerable when it is at its infancy, because that is when it becomes exposed to the true environment in which it is to exist. It becomes exposed to competition, in some economies that is when it breaks the minimum tax levels and it becomes to various laws and legislation.

If not protected and well monitored this is the time that it can slink right back into the earth from whence it came.

The seed has to be nurtured by creating a rich mix or medium in which growth is to be fostered. Similarly a business dream has to be soaked in the right nutrients in order for it to have even a single chance at seeing daylight.

A business plan/proposal has to be thoroughly researched and complemented with the right support systems before it is actually launched into the market.

Systems have to be set up to ensure that when the business is rolled out every department and resource is available to kick into action when the relevant function is called into play. It would be a serious hiccup if the company was to produce a product only to realise that a major aspect such as packaging or labeling is not in place. Suddenly, you have an almost complete product sitting in your warehouse crunching money that you do not have to spare out of your pocket every extra minute that it spends there.

In the event that the product is easily perishable every extra minute stored is a minute closer to disaster.
Smart farmers prepare some plants before the season in which they are originally intended to grow in has begun. Some conditions are too harsh for the seedlings to flourish in. Therefore they need to be sheltered before they are exposed to the environment in which they are to spend in their existence in.

Sometimes in business you need to shelter your growing business and protect it from the full scale attack of an open market system, that is why in there are things such as trade restrictions. These are meant to protect the growing firms within a nation from the full scale impact of a harsh and developed economic system.

In this discussion we shall focus on a microclimate of developing a business. In some businesses it is wise to create a business and expose it to a controlled or small market releasing it as a pilot project in order to iron out any unforeseen challenges that would prove catastrophic in a larger scale.

It’s easier to recapitalize a business worth $10000 by 20% of its value than it is to recapitalize a $100000 business. The task of correcting a $2000 mistake is far easier than a $20000 mistake, at times the mistake involves the salaries of your human resources, and human resources are just one resource that you do not want to make a mistake with.

Every single disgruntled employee has the potential to bring down an entire company to its knees, employees are like the roots of a company and anyone of them may be the taproot, which if damaged the entire plant can just shrivel and die.

So the mistakes that are made in a controlled environment are far better than those involved in full scale implementation.

10 disgruntled employees are better managed than a 100. Once a business has grown sufficiently it can gradually be exposed to a larger market growing into new markets and gradually adjusting to correct practice as it grows.

Once it is healthy enough it can fully branch out and realise its full rollout and it has a better chance of success. There is greater possibility of success once you have gained confidence in the viability of your business and you have a few loyal clients to fall back on as well as good contracts with suppliers and markets.

Your human resource base will also be in a better placed position to handle the pressure that is associated with running large scale corporations.

Once an entity has also proven a model at a smaller scale, this means that it is feasible for implementation at a larger scale.


Redeeming Destiny:3-Through Prayer

“Dear Lord

Sometimes when l look at the ocean before me; all blue and deep l wonder if l will ever cross over. When l look at its angry waves coiling in circles and threatening to swallow me, l wonder if l will cross over. When l come face to face with the deep abyss of endless blue stretching into infinity, l wonder if l will ever get to the dry land. Sometimes when l stretch my eyes up the mountain in search of its summit l cannot help but get scared. When l look at the solid rock sitting in front of me; l wonder if l will ever get the strength to climb.

My Lord l have never seen you physically neither have l met a burning bush like Moses, but l have experienced you. I remember how you carried me at the crossroads; l remember how you lifted me up from the miry clay. You gave me strength to swim across streams and rivers. You carried me over hills and valleys so that l saw the light of day when lions and wild animals of the forest could have ripped me into pieces. I remember how you shielded me from projectiles, missiles and stones that could have crushed me into mince meat. That remembrance gives me hope that l can once again swim across the ocean. It gives me hope that l can once again climb up the mountain whose summit seems to be above the sky. That remembrance gives me hope of a sweet Destiny.


Prayer is a culmination of words and utterances that are rich in intent, reports and even emotions so as to generate a message to God. It is a vertical link to the heavens that connects to the Almighty. It gives a rare aura of hope to the hopeless and avails an ear that is always ready to listen to the deep seated things in the heart of an individual. It does not only provide an ear but rather tactful solutions to problems facing the people. Therefore prayer becomes a highway linking an individual to the heavens. An individual with heavenly connections has no reason to fail. He or she can go through challenges but those challenges will channel him or her to a worthwhile Destiny.

The words in italics reflect a prayer from an individual facing a huge challenge. The person is visibly shaken by the size of the challenge so that he resorts to prayer. Clearly his thoughts and emotions are embedded in this collection of words. His message shows an element of fear and a subtraction of confidence. However as he continues to pray he remembers past victories as a result of his encounter with the Lord. Clearly prayer then rejuvenates his confidence at that point. He suddenly develops the enthusiasm to tackle his challenges head on. He has had a tough time in the past yet he has overcome. His destiny has been under attack yet the good Lord managed to shield him from such attacks.

The question is. What kind of missiles and stones are you facing? What type of tree are you? What fruit are you bearing? Because it is very rare for people to throw stones at a fruitless tree. What kind of ocean are you facing? How high is your mountain? You have crossed rivers and streams in the past and so you will surely cross the ocean before you. The good Lord has carried you through hills in the past. He will surely take you up this mountain. He will take you through the valley of the shadow of death if only you kneel down to pray. He will indeed redeem your Destiny.

Success Tools

Once you have established what it is that you need to carry out any given project that you undertake, the next thing that you need to do is equip yourself. Do not get carried away at this stage and forget what it is that you are doing, recognise the task at hand as it is and that is to simply grab some tools.

Tools are what they are, “tools”, nothing more nothing less. Always have your final objective in mind. A lot of people start out on the right track, with a set of goals and objectives, but soon get caught up in the acquisition of tools that they soon forget their primary purpose.
They begin to think that the tool is what they want and not the actual fulfilment of their goal, hence they end up with a tool and an unaccomplished goal.

For example, lets look at a guy carrying out a construction project that has a six month deadline, and one of the tools required is a crane, and in this utopian town there is only one crane and that crane is only available for a few days. The project also has a limited budget, if the builder gets caught up in trying to secure the crane at all costs and ends up exhausting the budget in the process, he will find himself with a tool and no end. Or get so caught up in haggling for the price that he ends up with neither the tool nor the end, he has a big problem on his hands.

So the idea is to take a balanced approach when acquiring your tools. Keep the task at hand close in mind, but the overall objective even closer.

Any tool can be acquired with a simple method of figuring out what exactly it is that you require to be done, how you feel is best for that to be done and what tools are usefull towards carrying out that task.

Usually you will find that there is not just one way to do a job, or there are numerous tools that achieve the same goal. So you have to go for the task that best suites the simplest and least stressful process of acquiring the tool.

Its all a matter of figuring out the process of acquiring the tool and going at it with zest and enthusiasm. Be efficient in your execution, but patient in your expectation of the manifestation of your end result.

Some tools you may permanantly acquire, others you may just have for the duration of your project.

It is important to know the reasons why in every circumstance, and hence adopt the correct amount of effort and investment in making the acquisition for the project.

Never overestimate what you know, or take for granted some of the simpler tasks that you have to carry out. More often than not, it is those simple tasks if not executed properly that chip away at your project and make it crumble and fall to its knees.

Im a person that likes to challenge myself to new and interesting goals.
If you find yourself lagging behind in some facets of knowledge there are three things you can do; get an expert, go back to school, or both.

Personally, I recommend both, because once you get an expert to guide you, you have the best method of execution and the expert will also take into consideration some of his own diverse knowledge even from outside the field in question.

However it is also important to know what it is that you are dealing with, there is nothing worse frustrating, than a frugal employer meeting an extravagant employee. The two will always be neck in neck, and if you are unlucky enough to be that employer, on a tight budget and at the end of the day you realise that you overpurchased or spent too much, well…. let me leave that to your imagination.

So it is important for you to stand in the gap of the decisions that you make concerning your resources.

So in this instance it is necessary for you to equip yourself with adequate knowledge to make the right decisions.

The Mind and positive reinforcement

There is a popular saying which is; “do as I say not as I do”. That is the methodology that most speakers and teachers try to impart onto their protegies. But I would like to challenge that saying in the same manner as Paul when he said, “go ye out and preach the gospel…. and if neccessary, use words”

The meaning of this verse I would like to comment is that, the reason we do what we do is because of a deep inner belief system of the way we believe that the world operates. It resonnates from our core value system, the stuff that makes up our reflexes. What has been continually implanted into us by our environment and society to such an extent that we have every bit of faith that this will undoubtably come to pass as a result of a given activity.

For example, if u were to fill a glass of water , then flip it upside down, u naturally expect the water to come cascading out of the glass even before the glass has completed its turn. This is the substance of faith, one would actually be surprised if the water failed to come out of the glass tumbler, you would start asking yourself, what happened? Is it frozen? Is there an unseen barrier covering the tumbler?

But in the same manner a lot of business teachers adopt the same strategy of do as I say and not as I do. I will give you a classic example, a person can do a Bachelors’ degree or even a masters’ but when they take up a new position at a company they usually go through a program popularly known as a graduate training program, where they are told how the “real” world operates. So what was happening during the four years they were at college? What was being taught, if the real world of their chosen profession requires them to often bend “laws” that according to textbook cannot be broken?

What is it that really successful peolple do in order to succeed in those things that they endevour to do. There are those people that seem to take up projects that have an unending success rate. They seem to succeed in whatever they set out to do. One might ask himself, what is it that makes this person succeed in what they go after? What is it they do differently, when the flesh is the same, the hours are the same and sometimes even opportunities seem to be at par?

The main reason I might attribute it to the core belief and value system, the same way that one person when attacked will flinch in response and another will, lift up their fists to fight. Studies have called this the “flight/fight paradox”. It has also been proven that speed racers when they approach a potential accident they step harder on the accelerator and speed past the hazard, whilst ordinary drivers have a tendency of slamming on the brakes and come to a startling stop. So in the case of business and personal projects, what causes some people to speed up and see a project to completion and what causes other people to slamm on the brakes and come to a complete stop. Core beliefs and values are embeded into an individual with time and experience.

In order to change the outcome, it is neccessary to change the process. The core values and decision making process has to be adjusted for positive results to be realised. This can be achieved through repeated sessions of positive reinforcement and purposed and directed thought. What would happen if you were to take this same level of belief and faith we discussed in our water in the tumbler example in other areas of uncertainity in your life?

What would happen if you applied for a contract or a tender and naturally expected it to come through. If you applied for a position and began to immediately plan new strategies to improve or maintain the existing system. Basically what I am saying is; see what you believe is meant to be in the fullness of your heart and soul.

Silent Heroes

Okay. So maybe the world has been a little rough on you, but you know what it has been rough on everybody. Each and every human being on this earth has had his share of the world beating down on him unfairly.

There is no single person out there given the time and motivation who is unable to recount some sob story about how someone or some group of people in society have let him down or dissapointed him when he least expected it.

There are people in our lives that seem to have been literally sent by God into our lives. Those people who never seem to be unwilling or without the desire even though means are not always available to make a menaingful contribution in our lives. To make the effort to see us smile and be comfortable eve though there is no direct benefit to themselves.

These are the heores of our lives, they do not necessarily have much, or live the model lifestyle for that matter those people whom when we think of them feel more than just a moral obligation, but a longing to do something for them that would literally make their faces glow.

The people that try to pull you up in life so you may achieve your dreams. The people that when you dream of greater things than they can imagine do not put you down but offer you their shoulders to stand on. That you may see further, dream bigger, imagine greater and realise your potential.

Who are these great heroes that do so much? Usually those guys who shove you forward when you aare afraid to take the leap of faith, the ones that catch you when you fall. The ones that are never judgemental about why something you set out to do failed.

The ones that you can count on to be there when things turn sour. The ones that lift you up and stand aside and cheer you on when you succeed. Yes we each have such people in our lives, the guardian angels of our lives, the unsung heroes who seek nothing from us but our own success.

If you still dont know them or are too blind to see who they are, then let me shed some light. These are the mothers, the father, the brother, the aunt, the sister, the grandfather, the friend, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the mentor, the counseller not necessarily all but as an axample may come in the form of any one of the above.

The ones whose chastise actually means something. Who when they say they are hurt by our actions you feel a deep pain in your gut telling you that something is amiss.

Yes these are the people that are the fire on a wintery night, that no matter where you are. How deep and hopeless a situation is and how insumountable a task may seeem to be, that you can take a deep breath. Imagine them by your side, what they would say to you in such a situation, get up and with renewed zest and determination take on the challenge set before you.

So whenever life hits you below the belt, remember the good days, those people that made you not only smile, but actually feel good about yourself, and know that you are worth it, because you realy are.