About The Authors

Nelson Ndlovu has a passion for growth and development and believes strongly in the power of the community and individuals to be effective agents for change and reformation.

He holds a Bachelor of Sciences Honors Degree in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe.

He began active participation under the tutorlage of Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) and Building Opportunities On Students (BOOST) as the Secretary General of the group SIFEUZ (SIFE University of Zimbabwe) for two consecutive years.

During this period he took up leadership roles including spearheading the Victors Savings and Investment project were he worked with HIV and AIDS infected groups to create and introduce them to feasible investment opportunities in the face of prejudice, financial delinquency and economic collapse.

He was also the Projects Director for Mashonaland Central University Students Association (MCUSA) in the same period. He subsequently formed The Economic Scholars Association (ESA) at the University of Zimbabwe in 2007.

Due to his role as Coordinator for Celebration Ministries International Campus Ignite Bulawayo, he has currently formed the ElShaddai Marketing and Distribution Group, a semiformal company with the role of empowering youths to create and take advantage of economic opportunities and create a self secure future in the face of an uncertain eco-political environment.

Silenguqhuko Senda is an upcoming writer and motivational speaker with a vision to positively impact the world with a message of hope. He believes that Words form the basis of our belief system.

He believes that a healthy positive mind is pivotal in the the establishment of healthy individuals, families, countries and the world at large. Such a pivot then becomes the embodiment that epitomizes the need for individuals to recalibrate their thought life through input of information that can form objective people.

Silenguqhuko therefore seeks to foster the development of thought provoking inputs that empower the mind to become a solid block of information relay.

His Fuels and Energy Engineering theatrics give him the Fuel to drive the engines of hope and confidence in this generation and beyond. As such he dedicates his energy towards realization of this dream.

He sees light at the end of the tunnel even in the presence of a vast thickness of darkness. He believes that every individual was created to make an impact in this world.


4 Responses to About The Authors

  1. Delight Sithole says:

    congrats..i love this site..keep it up!

  2. Thanks hey.
    People like you always remind me that its all worth it.

  3. tapiwa dalu says:

    gret stuff…jus ddnt realise that u had such great business acumen. i wil most definately contct u 4 advise on this project that i hev started.CONGRATS MAN, kip up e good work

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