Dormant Seed Part 3: Vigilance

A shelved business is only alive as long as it remains in the heart of the business principal. It is simply not enough to have a business plan sitting in the desk drawer or at the top of the closet gathering dust, and being chewed away by the moth of life’s challenges.

A plan has to be regularly visited, reread, restructured if neccessary and revised for errors, constantly being updated so it remains up to speed with changes in the environment.

We live in a volatile and not static world. Everything is always rapidly changing. If you forget that you have a plan that is sitting in the closet, you may wake up one day to realise your plan has been eaten away and were there was a potential million dollar industry, lie ashes and dirt.

Some seeds can remain dormant for long periods of time to such an extent that those observing may think that they are dead. I know a powerful businessman who has had their business lying dormant for over eight years, but every other day, he always speaks of it, reminding himself and those around him, that even though there may be no activity on the ground actually signalling the birth of the business, Its birth is imminent in the womb of those that it was planted in.

Opportunity is only useful to those that are best prepared for it. However preperation does not end in a simple document, preperation is keeping the fire that brought the business plan alive burning.

A fire remains burning so long as it is poked, disturbed and added logs onto. Then it burns with ferocity and consumes all around it. If a business that will create a footprint is to be born, it has to have that same level of resistance to dormancy as the fire, the lower it burns, the closer it is to being put out.


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