Business Implementation: Dormant Seeds (Part 1)

When should I shelve and when should I implement a business model? That is the question. Shelving and dumping are not synonimous, but if you are not carefull, the line inbetween can become very blurred.

There is no single universal business strategy that works for each and every applicable project that you set out to do. Methodology, conditions and external influence are continually dynamic and even people grow, mature and have a change of heart.

In the plant kingdom, seeds vary in their nature, operation and characteristics. Some seeds live a relatively comfortable lifestyle, they are designed in such a way that they easily break down and grow into plants in a very short time period.

They are not very resistant to harsh conditions and any deviation from their richly nourished lifestyle will cause them to wilt and die.

There are some businesses that are heavily reputation and relationship based, for example, a doctor’s surgery, banking, lawyer’s firms and consultants amongst many others.

A lot of the business this segment depend less on the actual physical value of the business as much as the perception that people have of the owner/manager. 

That is why it is possible for a firm to be branded in the name of a person and prosper even though the actual person handles less than even five percent of the actual business of the firm.

People rely on the firm and the brand that covers it and will trust in it so long as the reputaation of the brand owner remains consistant.

However, if management, particularly the actual brand name owner is involved in any scandal wether business, personal or other, the firm will be dealt with a deadly blow that may at times even prove fatal.

Those who are in Zimbabwe are very familiar with the scandals surrounding various organisations such as The ANG and several banks and financial institutions.

The relationship that exists is that of trust, and if the clientelle feel that the brand is not trust worthy or likely to deviate from the expectations, they will abandon the firm for other “more trustworthy” firms.

So care always has to be taken on how the owners/managers handle themselves in and outside of their work/business practice. Implementation and growth in this case depends far less on actual physical resources but on the repuatation that the owners/managers have amassed over time.

Tune in for our next segment, featuring mainly on shelved business.


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