The Seed of Influence: Advertising

In order to be able to influence anyone or the course of events, you need to have a certain level of influence. It doesnt necessarily have to be written down rules and procedures or cast in stone for it to be effective. Even a simple maid or gardener may change the course of events of a large conglomerate by a few simple correctly placed seeds.

Plants have an amazing strategy of ensuring their survival and spread. They do not all do it in the same way, some package it in an attractive casing known as fruit and various birds and mammals transport them to other locatins where there is less competition for nutrients and a higher potential for survival. Some have pods designed in such a way that the pods explode casting their seeds as far as possible, some seeds are designed in such a way that the very wind itself carries them on its back the minute they are exposed to its influence. Some latch onto passing traffics in the form of man and animals and are eventually dropped of at some other destination point.

These are not the exhaustive options or full proof methods of spread, but they all have one thing in common, they find a means of carrying their seeds long distances from their point of origin.

A mentor, teacher, business man, developmental worker are various examples of vocations which have the interest of spreading the gospel of reformation as far and as effectively as they possibly can. Various marketing and distribution tools are available at their disposal to ensure that what they preach or practice is not simply concentrated in a very small area but is widely distributed and viewed by people from all walks of life.

Various corporates run campaigns and activities of corporate social responsibility were they carry out several community outreach programmes were they “spread their seed” packaged as fruit in the form of clean up campaigns, bursaries, donations e.t.c.

The community loves such things, but who wouldn’t, they are free, usually very essential, widely accepted, biblical and socially encouraged. Naturally, people want to know who is responsible for such “kindness” and this gives corporates an opportunity to spread their brand and plant seeds of loyalty in as many appreciative hearts as they possibly can.

Subsequently, a method of below the line advertising, (a common name in marketing, whereby the reputation of the company is enhanced through spreading awareness of its existence and activities indirectly through other unrelated activities and media).

The advernt of the internet and social networking boom has made the internet an extremely powerful marketing tool for the experienced and informed user. A lot of companies have seen an overnight explosion of revenue into the billions through the use of social media.
In this regard, “the seeds are carried on the very wings” of the internet.

Various internet sites, users and software programmes relay informatio about new product offers and releases to billions of people in a matter of hours. Methods that could not be employed as easily a meer five years ago.

Chain letters and emails have been taken to a whole new level, with selective advertising even being placed in the very hands of the final consumer who now has choice on the advertising that they wish to see in some instances.

Companies such as apple have employed the use of online marketing extremely successfully often creating a very big hype about products months before their release date, often resulting in them being sold out even before they actually enter into the market.

There is so much to say about this topic, I think I will have to do a few more segments in the next few days, but for now I will let you ponder a bit more on “The Seed of Influence.”


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