Dig Deep: Lay Your Foundation

An interesting aspect about building is that when laying a foundation you have to first begin with digging in the opposite direction to that which you intend on the building to rise towards.

The moment you decide to directly begin the process of building a building you expect to hug the very sky, your pick up your tools and start digging in the complete opposite direction.

Even the bible says it in Prov 11:24 “there is that scattereth, yet increaseth…”. There is always a time, and usually that time is at the very commencement of a project, where people might not quite grasp what it is that you are doing. It seems to the untrained eye as if you are quickly digging yourself into a ditch from which you cannot escape.

The funny thing about the foundation is that, the bigger the building, the deeper and more solid the foundation has to be.

So the bigger the project, the more time, effort and resources have to be committed towards ensuring that the project sets of from a solid base.

It is not an easy task and most people who observe humungous buildings take little to no regard at all to the foundation upon which the building is built.

As in the parable of the house built on sand, shoddy workmanship and preperation for business implementation will be made manifest once the waves of market forces begin to play havoc on the business model.

In other words, a solid business has to be built on a sound moral, ethical and business values because the higher the building, the mightier the fall and the more people that will feel the crush and even the more law suites involved.

Just to slip back to my favourite past time… plants. Trees and shrubs are very fascinating life forms. For the purpose of this discussion, we can consider the desert shrubs. Some appear to be very tiny above the surface, with only a branch or two visible with a few small leaves.

An uninformed person can actually assume that they can easily uproot the entire plant by pulling it out with a single hand.
An attempt at this would prove them extremly wrong as the ernomous size of the underground root network would at some cases even constitute more than 99% of the actual plant size. So what is in reality visible to the casual observer is nothing more than the tip of the iceburg.

The key to some of the most successful businesses, is to look tiny and insignificant from the top, but have a vast network of resources at play just below the surface, capturing every single drop of opportunity that comes your way and anchoring the business so heavily, that you would nees a complete industrial meltdown to cause it to break a sweat.


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