The Root (Part2): Discovery

One thing I love about roots, their ingenuity. We are all endowed with different talents and capabilities depending on the size of the destiny that we are meant to fulfill.

I can just imagine if roots could talk and a tiny oak tree growing through a small crack in the wall telling the older “wiser” creeping weed that it (the oak tree) would at some future date break the wall down.

The creeper would look at the tiny little oak and probably say, “are you crazy? I’ve been growing for 10 years and my life’s ambition is to cover this wall because I know I will NEVER be able to break it down and you are telling me that you will break it down in five years? I think you need to get real about your dreams.”

The truth of the matter is, the oaks’ dream is just a dream for the creeper, but for the oak, it is inevitable.

It is very easy for most people to judge their own capabilities based on what their predecesors managed to achieve within the same time span. Some people may even feel as if they have failed and the everjudging community may even look at them with a critical eye as failures because they judge them based on other people’s capability.

Nobody except God can truly know what you are capable of, and it is my prayer today that you may have fellowship with Him and He may reveal to you the extent to which you are capable of achieving your dreams. Or even unlock hidden potential that you did not even know that you had.

I am preety sure that most of us would be blown away in shock if we knew God’s plans for us, or saw ourselves in the manner that God sees us.

God’s spirit lives within us and it is just bubbling with life giving power to increase and multiply whatever we put our hands to.

The tiny little root will grow a tiny unnoticeable fraction every day and keep spreading, sniffing and searching out sources of nutrients.

When it finds a solid, good enough source, it plugs in and embeds itself deep inside and focuses all of the energy of the plant towards establishment on that new primary root.

When doing Bonsai, you are encouraged to train your plant by restricting the growth of the root. This just goes to show the immense power that the root has in shaping the growth of the entire organism.

Roots constrained in combination with a few other tricks can keep a massive tree that was meant to cover a huge area no higher than a toddler’s knee caps.

Your roots are what feed your business, social, spiritual or other intellect. They are found in the form of your senses and your mind. Keeping them couped up and constrained will result in exactly the same result as our 400 hundred year old bonsai tree.

Im sure it asks itself daily if there ever is such a thing, “what on earth is the matter.” Every other tree that is anywhere near as old as it is has grown to massive heights and has amassed quite some massive fruit.

You have to not only free your mind to endless possibility, but also feed it with new material, it may surprise you what it begins to attract you to.


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