Breaking New Ground: Business Reality

Reality depends on your perspective of events, situations and scenarios. Your enterpretations of so called reality is what determines the reality that you exist in.

Successful enterprenuers create their own reality by maintaining an optimistic though objective approach to handling the circumstances they find themselves in.

When a farmer ventures into a virgin piece of land, he can immediatley see the potential that lies within a seemingly useless piece of land with dust and shrubbery. A seemingly desolate piece of land devoid of nutrients life or even minerals can be turned into some of the most beautiful ranges of vegetative microclimates with the right attitude.

I have even seen deserts turned into havens by the use of the right technology. “Whatever the mind can concieve and believe, it can achieve.” Zig ziglar.

The power of the mind rests in its usage in enterpreting events. Events happen and they take whatever form in manifestation they so desire, the course they will take however afterwards depends on the interpretation that you choose to place on it afterwards.

Have you ever been suddenly confronted by an unfortunate situation or bad incidence and taken a downward spiral of self pity and desperation. It seems as if all the energy has been drained out of you and that every hope, dream and vision is all vain and hopeless.

I have been one such victim often losing days and sometimes weeks of productive time before something snaps me back into a more positive reality.

I have realised that there exist certain stimulants around me that encourage a positive mental attitude leading to a more positive reality. They are not always standard and immediately obvious at first glance, but they provide for a better version of reality that spurs me onward and fuels me like a new battery in a child’s toy.

Everyone seeks answers and a prescribed fuel battery cell, that will spur them on to realising their potential, but the truth of the matter is that there does not exist a single prescription that fits everybody.

Each mind is unique and independent in itself and the way it manages the chaos around it.
Dependency comes about as a result of the need for association, as we string together beads of similarities in those people around us.

However, the beads that we choose to pick out from those associations we make add on to the fabric of our reality and creates the enterpratation of what we see around us.

There is a method of farming known as hydroponic farming which makes use of the deadest of medium to grow plants. A brand new hope and future, new life. Most people’s reality depends on convention and what they have been taught need to be done in order to realise certain aspects, but as we take a closer look at what realy make up reality, we make up our own.

So no matter how dead a situation looks, there is always hope that even the brightest of futures can be realised.