Take Root – Be Established

I read somewhere that the chinese bamboo takes about five years before it sprouts some shoots or begins to germinate. Most soft cuttings take a few weeks to a few months just barely holding onto dear life sustaining themselves on what they already have stored within them, except for water which is drawn in in minute doses.

So what will be happening within this relatively stagnant period? One this for sure, the plants will not just be sitting around hoping for some devine intervention in order to begin to grow. This is the time they realise that their original source of nourishment has been removed and they have a choice either to do something about it, or die!

Most choose to live, not all succeed, but most put up a good fight. More often than not, we as human beings find ourselves in that very same scenario, after years training and growing in a particular vocation we become preety good at what we do and fall into a dependency on the system. If as an employee, your boss just happens to go to a party or optimisation workshop or something and suddenly begins to implement retrenchments and you are caught on the “wrong” side of the program life suddenly turns from a sweet orange to a bitter grape fruit.

The key in such an incident is not to panic and lose all hope in desperation, but like my little cuttings realise what has happened and gather up your available resources whilst you still have a bit of life within you and begin to put up your own new system to support yourself. Unlike plants however, so long as we are breathing and sometimes even further than that, we still have potential to make a difference in this world that we live in.

So yes, even if we falter, stumble, and sometimes give birth to still born businesses, there is still yet hope for us. All we have to do is gather our wits about us and go at it again never losing the passion by which we started out with.

It never ceases to fascinate me at the vast network of roots a seemingly small plant develops whilst in the very initial stages of growth. When you look at it from the top of the plant above the soil, it seems as if nothing or very little is happening, but just a few millimetres below the surface growth is taking place at a phenominal pace.

To prove this, just try pulling out a little plant from the ground and see what happens, It seems as if the entire little patch around it has been wired into the little plant’s system.
That is the true sustinance of the plant, in the ever growing network of roots.

Time taken developing the roots of a business system, will determine its strength of resistance to negative external forces. Some truly grounded systems may be totaly wiped out, by an economic disaster, but you can be sure that so long as the roots remain intact, the industry shall rise again.

Some plants only need just a single piece of root to remain intact, and the system can be rebuilt to its fomer glory.

So it is of my opinion, that more time needs to be dedicated towards establishing a fully functional root system, that will stand the test of external pressure