A farmer’s love Part 2: “Nurture or Nature?”

The good thing about being human and having an idea is that, essentially after putting the first few critical steps, you create a momentum that just spurs growth onwards.

A seed planted takes up and is a life of its own, seperate from the sower but dependant on him/her. Once the seed has been planted the sower has to come back regularly to ensure that the conditions that are conducive for growth remain present and development does not come to a complete stop.

Though the work that is involved in maintaining the business growing is far reduced it is critical for the survival of the business.

When planting certain kinds of plants you have to make cuttings and these stay in grow beds for at least one month depending on the characteristics of the plant.

Then after that you have to transplant them into individual packets for their next stage of development. I remember one time I ended up doing the second stage of transplants rather late in the day and there was very poor lighting when I did that. I ended up doing a particularly poor job of watering the plants and the next day I got up rather early and went somewhere else.

By the time I finally came back to check on the plants it was rather late and at the end of the day I lost 70% of everything I had planted including some rare virieties I regret to this day.

Recently planted businesses need constant and more dedicated attention if you do not want to lose 70% of everything you invest like I did.

As the business continues to grow and become more and more rooted, you can now afford to leave it to its own devices for longer and longer periods of time and be safe in the assurance that when you come back you will still find a thriving business. Sometimes even more than what was happening whilst you were there on a day to day basis.

They say that a successful person is one that is able to set up a business that will still be able to operate, even without him/her.

The effect of mothering the business by constant monitoring is usefull when the business is still at inception, but as the business grows, you have to allow for personnel growth and development. Personnel that are overly monitored may suffer from too much constraint and hindered personal expansion or they may even develop a dependancy syndrome whereby they become incapable or lack the confidence to embark on any new projects of their own.

Nevertheless there still has to be a certain degree of monitoring carried out byt the investor otherwise the firm may grow wild and weaker and eventually die. Growth has to be controlled and directed towards achieving the goals that the visionary would have set out to reach.


Be a dreamer-No challenge can stop you

Stopping refers to a sharp retardation of motion that renders a moving body motionless. A stopped body has a speed of zero so that it remains stagnant unless a force is applied to it. It is relatively easy to stop a light body moving with slow speed compared to a heavy one at high speed. A man with a small vision coupled with little zeal and enthusiasm to move forward can easily be retarded and eventually stopped as compared to him with a bigger dream and vision. The one with a bigger vision is like a heavy body moving at high speed. He is like a train of hope that cannot be derailed by anything that blocks its way. The onus is upon each and every one of us to make a difference in life. We can be small today but with a big vision we have the capacity to affect a big world.

Are you that one person who has to make a difference? Are you that person who needs a revamp in a limbo of incessant boredom and terrific loss of self actualization? Are you that person who needs to knock on a door that seems unlikely to be opened? Are you that soul that has chosen to remain silent in an unpleasant situation where the only reasonable toner is a forlorn hope that tomorrow will be a better day; a situation where the clock of darkness seems to conceal a somewhat unusual routine of self retardation; a retardation that seems to slow down all the possible sources of happiness? Are you that one person who is in a bizarre night that seems to have no morning, a thickness of unsolicited blackness that beams of light cannot penetrate? In this unending amount of black you yearn but it will not let anyone hear your call for help. You cry but unfortunately this evil spell of darkness will let nobody realize your urgent need for attention. You are all alone, no one seems to care. That will not stop you from making progress.

No matter how dark the night may be, the visible stars on the blanket of twilight will always make it gorgeous. Amazing graces of true joy will always give an aura of happiness that is worth striving for. Your heart will not be torn apart as true virtues of character will call for it to gracefully survive. It will survive in a mental jungle where you lobby the mind to give you answers but instead you get rhetoric questions that leave you in utter discomfort. This state of mental invasion instead makes you realize that you have to deliver some goods yet you do not have the means to do so. Suddenly you are plunged into this dark mirror that seems to show you the world of impossibilities. Your inner man begins to linger in a sea of possible solutions only to get a pamphlet of toxins that threaten to shut you down into a dooms day legend. You reach a destination where you unfortunately begin to re live episodes of your fierce fears that you thought were long gone. You are in this tabernacle of complex thoughts where no priest can reach out for you. An involuntary shiver cracks down your spine as these prodigal thoughts take control of you.

You begin to wonder if you will find a good thing, or better still if you are that good thing to be found. You begin to wonder if you will find peace or, or better still if you are that peace to be found. How can this be true? All your expectations seem to be nothing but wishes that will never come to be. Ironically even if these wishes were horses you would not want to be that beggar to ride them. In this mental expedition you reach the crossroads where every avenue of possibility seems to be exhausted. You have come to this place where you are scared, confused and bewildered, not by the orientation of it all but by hundreds of flames that want to burn you alive. Amazingly everything seems to be hollow in your world. With eyes closed you sink deep into a caress of thoughts which mercilessly cast you into emotional breakdown instead of unleashing a spate of ease and gentleness in you.

You whisper what is supposed to be a prayer but its words can hardly be heard by anyone, you are now soaked in a salty river that trickles from your eyes which seem to be boiling into red balls. You are now overtaken by a string of desires, desires of liberty that can only be felt by that person who wants to be free. In this haze of daunting pessimism you sink deeper into the limitless spiral of optimism in search of a place of mental rest. You are in search of a comfort zone that seems not to exist. All there is to this fiasco is a paradox of events that incapacitate you to a timid individual. Your self confidence suddenly escapes from you like air from a punctured balloon leaving you in a dilapidated state of affairs. The best thing you can probably do at this juncture is cry but unfortunately your tears are of no use to anyone. Not even the thirstiest of them all is prepared to partake of this waterfall that seems to have developed on your face. No amount of mascara or face powder can hide this impromptu cascade of tears that undoubtedly exposes the malfunction of all your systems. Lost in the corridors of uncertainty you begin to retire to a state of stagnation, you are no longer sure of what to do anymore.

The only thing that you can hope for is another chance, another moment to bask in the victory of a life worth living. In this trance of mental interrogation you are visibly motionless in physical form but highly active in the circles of the mind. Many questions unbelievably pop up in random fashion .At what cost is all this going to come to an end? What mechanism is going to stop this prison of incessant torture, where you find yourself fasting not because of an accolade of prayers but because you simply cannot eat? Your stomach has suddenly become full of these alien pies whose ingredients have caused you this loss of appetite. What kind of physician is going to remove these thorns that have caused so much pain in you? You are baffled by the thousand miles ahead of you yet you cannot even make a single step. You are bewildered by this knowledge that seems to know nothing but confusion that has never been conferred even to a fool. Devious thoughts seem to seduce you to this brothel of naked truth that molests you into malice and dissatisfaction. You never stole anything from anyone yet you languish in this prison of merciless anguish. Is this how you should be, a tear manufacturing machine which unfortunately produces gallons of a product that nobody wants. Are you supposed to be this powerless individual whose fate is in the hands of other people? Are you supposed to be the tail which in spite of being the most energetic is always at the back? Are you supposed to be this good man who is always down when other good men cannot be kept down for long? Are you supposed to be this person who is always running but going nowhere slowly?

Clearly this cannot be the case, take heart and take the bull by its horns. You cannot resign to stagnation so that you stop performing to the best of your abilities. You are unstoppable; nothing and nobody can stop you from being that person you have wanted. It is the strong will in you that will make a way where there seems to be no way. It will save your eyes when they tentatively gaze into the darkness in search of that special pinnacle that never was. The will shall save your soul from drifting aimlessly like a lost sheep in the land of cunning carnivores and predators. In such a state your ears listen in earnest hoping for a break in this eerie silence but alas not even an echo can sip through this spate of wicked quietness. The familiar sounds of comfort and consolation seem to have conformed to the bitter ways of this strange vacuum that seems to constrict every whisper of joy. You yearn for warmth and happiness yet you find yourself burning in what was supposed to be a moderate fire that would drive away the dew from a cold morning breeze. You might burn but you will not run away, once you were a child and you ran away after touching a pinch of hot charcoal but today history will not repeat itself. Yes back then you were a child and you undoubtedly thought like a child. When you got burnt you dreaded the fire because you knew nothing about fire extinguishers, you knew nothing about fire fighting and you probably could not distinguish between smoke and fire. You probably could not differentiate between flame and fame but today that is certainly not the case. You cannot let fire wreck havoc in your camp; you cannot just run away and let the flames consume the vitality that you earned through hard work. It is unacceptable, you must fight, and you must stand up to fight even if it sends blood percolating from your nostrils. You may feel the heat but that will only be for a season. Hungry flames may stamp an array of blisters and sores on those places that you were not aware of since you became conscious of your existence but that must not retard the all important vision; that of standing out to fight, fight for those things that make you tick even in situations where time seems to bring no healing.

In other words keep focused on the dream in spite of circumstances. Rise above situations because you were created for greatness. Focus and keep your vision clear. Take daily steps that slowly take you closer to your destiny. The terrain may not be even but each time you make a step you draw closer to that place of limitless progress. You are unstoppable

From Potential to Kinetic: The Movement

A farmer takes the initiative to make the move to put the seed into the ground. A seed will never develop so long as it remains in the seed packet. As we discussed previously, the longer the seed remains in the seed packet the less capable it becomes to perfom the task of development and growth at hand.

Talents that remain unused over a long period of time become redundant no matter how good the individual in question is.
I spent quite a lot of time working with a certain software program at my previous job, and after a while I became very good at using it, but after spending a couple of years without using the software, when I had to use it again, I realised that I had forgotten most of the more intricate functions of the program and my capabilities were reduced to the most basic aspects of the software.

Talents and skills that are used regularly are sharpened and the user becomes more skilled and more efficient in performing the said task.
As a farmer places the seed into the ground, he places it in the environment that allows for growth to take place. One friend once told me that you should never judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.
Talent needs to be fostered. It is not simply enough to train hard to become something then simply sit on the talent and expect that five years later you will still be as effective.

Likewise a new employee needs to be correctly selected and correctly placed in order for him/her to realise the most out of their ability.

The challenge that most people face is that they may be brilliant in certain feilds, but due to pressure, internal and external perception they may be unaware of their full potential or capability.

A lion that is raised among sheep may never realise its true self until it looks deep within itself and takes the initiative to do something different from what it has grown up to know and believe.
Usually it is not a case of changing who we are, but rather “realising” who we are.

The reason this blog is called “potential to kinetic” is because there is no new truth that is yet to be discovered in this world. Everything that happens and that we are capable of lies within us and it is up to us to take the initiative to push it into action.

Growth and development can only take place where the environment is suitable, similar to the parable of the sower and the seeds planted in different environments. In one case the seeds are snatched away immediately even before the the growth process begins to take place.

This can take place when a new business is thrown into an extremely hostile environment, for example a business that tries to enter into an extremely monopolised industry or one that is plagued by high levels of state regulations.

A young business trying to startup may experience collapse and failure due to failure to establish roots in such a harsh environment and may even become snatched up by astute business men who see a potential gain from not necessarily the actual business itself but the value of the assets that may be undervalued due to the need for the venture capitalists and venturers to attempt a speedy recovery of invested funds.

A business model may be excellent, but if implemented in an “unsafe” environment, it may most likely fail. Failure might not imply incapability, but may imply wrong placement.

Be a dreamer

A dream is a culmination of ideas and images driven by a wish to achieve a lasting legacy that positively impacts an individual and his dependants. A dream can be individual or corporate. Corporate dreams cut across companies, nations and even the universe. Dreams can grow and as such individual dreams can tremendously grow to impact nations and the world at large. Therefore it is important to associate with dream builders so as to allow for growth that is characterized by impact.

A dream plays a pivotal role in people’s lives. It begins with simplicity deeply seated on the loins and groins of every individual. Its attributes sweeten the music of life even in times when every good thing seems to be collapsing. It implants an enthusiasm and a great sense of vigilance at a time when adversity threatens to diminish the hope in us. In times of confusion it radiates a corrective wave that converts confusion to comfort.

You do not protect your dream by hanging around people who constantly remind you of your short comings and how you can never get it right. Surprisingly they are good at projecting how crazy your dream is, indicating how others with similar intentions failed in the past. In most cases they themselves have nothing to dream about yet they are very good at interpreting your own dream. Whilst others do consultancy work for a fee they are always ready to give you advice and consultancy free of charge. Such advice can indeed be free but the cost of reparation is very high. It surpasses imagination; a dream killed is worse than that which never was. The fact that such people think it cannot be done does not mean you cannot do it. All you need is a push in the right direction and you cannot get that push by contaminating yourself with trash from those who seek to discourage you. There is nothing wrong with seeking advice and guidance but there is everything wrong in telling your dream to people who will steal your coat of many colours. That is why it is important to hang around individuals who generate confidence in you.

We should have a passion for our dream, the kind that is similar to a mother’s love for her child. She travails day and night for her child whose first world was of course her womb. Her words of encouragement are an inscription that will forever be written in the child’s heart. She watches over her baby so that no vulture can take away her bundle of joy. She gives her child a sense of meaning as she whispers sweetness that can never be found anywhere in the world. She is a pillar of hope for the baby who will always seek refuge in her. Her child relishes her tender touch that no Baby Care Center can offer. She is a friend to those who have good intentions towards her child yet so repellant to those who want to suffocate her precious gift from God. Her good values and virtues easily radiate into her baby boy who in time graduates into a mighty man. In the same fashion these adorable virtues flow in the veins of her baby girl who becomes a virtuous woman, all this because of a mother’s unconditional love. Such kind of love is fit to be rendered to one’s dream.

As you look up the sky, you wonder what will be the next move on the jigsaw puzzle of life. All moves seem not to match this puzzle whose components are in unspeakable disarray. You try to sleep but the pillow seems to have suddenly turned into a rock whose rigidity simply cannot even lure you to a second of sleep. Even the usually comfortable bed seems to be worse than the hardest metal. You simply cannot sleep. At this stage you are probably overqualified for a night watchman who at least sleeps during the day. Your body slowly succumbs to exhaustion and probably wishes for another to substitute it in this shift of sleeplessness. Your mind seems to have run out of ideas let alone your mouth which seems to be bewitched into a spell of an unusual quietness. You are now probably worse than a statue which was made to languish in quiet stagnation. You begin to wonder whether this is the beginning of the end of a breathtaking movie with you as the main actor. You begin to feel uproar of vindictive passions that can only be quenched by elimination of everything that weighs you down. You are in a fix that can only be resolved by a strong force that cannot be stopped. This force is of course your dream.

In moments of devastation, when the eye seems to be engrossed in a spell of illusion; when the ear seems to hear nothing but drums of turmoil throbbing from within only one thing can save the situation, that is the vision for the future. The dream grows hope and expectation in a desert of uncertainty and hopelessness. It gives strength in situations where people think it the end of you. It cheers you on when every one seems to be overtaking you as if you have run out of the all important fuel that propels you. The dream keeps you on track in times when the road seems to be non existent. At such moments you begin to wonder what has happened to the sweetness that was written all over you not so long ago. You begin to hope for Samson’s strength to probably help you destroy this strong room that seems to prevent your prayers from reaching the heavens. Under such circumstances you begin to wonder if you have had visitations from him whose mandate is to steal, kill and to destroy. With tears awash on your cheeks you begin to wonder if you will ever experience seven or more years of abundant happiness after what seems to be seven years of distasteful dryness. You find yourself in this solitary place of seclusion where your only friends are house flies which of course enjoy feasting on your tears.

In such a situation you bleed and no doctor can help you, you feel your strength wearing out and no amount of exercise can resuscitate it. Nothing seems to materialize and maybe you have trusted too much. You let other people hold your heart and now they have dropped it leaving you in need of an operation. It is broken and unfortunately no surgeon can manage to stitch it up. To make matters worse no one is prepared to donate their own heart to save your sorry life. Your heart chambers are in dire need of urgent attention. Even the enthusiastic plumber who fixes chambers will only attend to those of faulty sewer systems and not those of the heart. In fact no one seems to be of help, except for rumour mongers of the North who always undoubtedly render their support in telling how useless you have become. Hoping for a breather you turn to the South were you encounter the full wrath of what looks like preachers propagating a gospel of how the heavens are punishing you for your sins. A sixth sense however brings to your attention that the heavens cannot operate in such a ruthless fashion when they can white wash scarlet red sin.

What you experience in the East leaves you wondering why the Sun chose to rise from that direction. It leaves you wondering why this huge bolus of heat fails to burn these irrational Easterners who seem to be celebrating your seeming demise. As if this is not enough you turn to the West where you encounter worst case scenarios which threaten to wallop you to extinction. You begin to wonder if there is indeed a time for everything since one thing appears to exist in your world. The biblical book of Ecclesiastics surprisingly is true to others who seem to be always in a time to smile, to rejoice and to gather stones of hope. On the contrary the horns of your clock seem to be stuck in the hour of crying so that happiness becomes a taboo. You are in the brink of collapse and heaven knows what will become of you. Only heaven knows what will become of those loved ones who look up to you as their shining star.

You are down but you cannot be kept down for long if the goodness in you is very much alive, you cannot be down for long if your dream still resides at the back of your mind. You cannot give up so that history captures you as a timid individual who never stood up to the challenge, you cannot surrender your destiny to fate so that you become a good example of a wrecked individual whose existence on mother Earth is to add on to humanitarian statistics. If you were born for greatness then you certainly cannot die a death of pity that is loaded with an abundance of legacy deficiency. If you were meant to get to the summit you will rise again no matter how many times you fall. If the sky is indeed the limit you will endeavour to get there even if it does not look blue anymore. You might not know if the sun will shine tomorrow but you can certainly try to make hay today with the ruminant of energy left in you. You certainly can laugh the longest if you choose to laugh last even if it seems as if your chance to show off your teeth will never come.

Stay tuned as we ponder on ways to make your dream become a reality..

Out to make a change

There are times when one feels discontent about his or her present state of affairs. In such a situation one feels alien to the goings on in life. Life seems discordant and everything seems off side. At such moments one seems to be in a bottomless pit with a vast expanse of darkness that is devoid of any traces of light. Nothing seems to work except for the odds that hammer the last ray of hope in the downward spiral that seeks to bury you alive. In this instance eyes cannot see beyond this dark window that ceases to be the link to a world of freedom that Madiba dreamt of behind bars. You are trapped in an island of dissatisfaction coupled with unquenchable thirstiness that can only be redeemed by an uncommon spasm of hope.

Change is the answer in such a situation. Change is a phenomenon that replaces old fashions of behaviour with new ones. It begins with recalibration of an individual’s thought life. A person has to get angry concerning his or her state of affairs in order to activate a thought process that seeks to do things differently. It is well documented that only a fool can do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. This means that change is viable to the wise if they realize that certain actions are failing to yield the desired results. This means that a person has to take steps to move out of the bottomless pit.

Uncommon challenges need uncommon ways of tackling them. This means that sometimes the way to changing the outlook in a person’s life might need a unique element that others might have never used. There is no formula for change. In other words one needs to take measures according to the way he or she sees fit. This of course does not eliminate the need for counsel and guidance from those who might have faced similar challenges in the past. What it simply means is that have the final decision to make an impact in your life.

There is an element that can sometimes act as a barrier for effective change. It paralyses fortitudes in people making them prone to manipulative schemes. It makes individuals vulnerable to frictional forces that give them an unspeakable myopia towards life. It makes people swim in a pool of immeasurable slumber that makes their brains go to sleep at a time when tactful thinking is required. This element is none other than fear, fear of what other people might say. In any case why fear a person who cannot even give you a teaspoon of oxygen to add on to the precious God given breath of life. Why shiver at the sight of people who are quick to count your shortcomings yet they cannot even count their own hair? Why tremble at the sight of award winning skeptics who are so brilliant in running your affairs yet so dismal in theirs? Why bother yourself with people whose arithmetic is so good at adding your misfortunes yet so defunct when it comes to simple addition of their own mess? Clearly fear of other people must not deter us from taking a step of change.

Change occurs if an individual decides to make a difference; it is not easy to take a decisive step that can sometimes be alien to traditional norms and practices. It is clearly not easy to take a grassy path that seems to be in dire shortage of footsteps to follow. However this path can lead to a place of happiness. It can lead to a land of milk and honey. Milk is a natural source of protein that is essential for growth. Honey is a nutritious sweet yellowish juice that wrecks havoc to salivary glands and the tongue which can methodically mop up a plate full of the golden liquid in seconds. However to partake of the milk and honey one has to sometimes endure a kick by a hind leg of a cow during the milking process. One has to make do with a swollen blue eye after a sting by an angry bee which is always at loggerheads with those who prey on its industry.

In essence the road to change is not a stroll in the park. It is an act of perversion to suggest that change is an easy thing to do. Sometimes the easy way out of a situation can prove to be an easy way into a catastrophe and so care must be taken. However individuals must change in spite of the difficulty that can be encountered in the process of change.

These are some basic points to ponder before taking a step of change
• Why do you need to change?
• How are you going to do it?
• What are the risks associated with the step of change? Is there going to be some casualities? If any how significant are they?What steps can be taken to avoid them if necessary?
• Who will help you achieve change?

There are several points to ponder before making a change. You can add on some more for the benefit of others. Stay tuned for more on meeting destiny…