Creation and your ability

The manner of Gods’ creation is one which just boggles a typical person’s mind. Without a spiritual revelation Gods’ word remains a mystery to anyone that reads it (John 9:39).

For example, just look at the creation of man.
Now just to test your general knowledge, who was created first? Man or animals?

Honestly, without referring to your bible what do you think?
Now read Genesis 1:25-26.
Dont continue reading without reffering to your bible.
Now did the bible say a different thing from what you thought?
Well then, go to Genesis 2:7 & 19.

Now what do you think?
Confusion? Repetition? What then?
The response to that is i feel God telling me that the initial creation as in Genesis 1 was that of a declaration of faith and authority of the Lord.

As he declared unto us that the righteous shall live by faith. This is the very faith that the Lord shows us even from the begining of his very word. That as we declare things in our life, they are automatically created in the spiritual realm because we were made in his image. (Gen1:26 & Gen 2:7)

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1). Man was already created but he was not manifested physically. The physical manifestation of man was to come at a later stage but the job of creation had already been done.

Now let us learn the lessons of creation and faith. God declared and spake the words and catalyst of creation, then he went out and performed the actions that were associated with the declaration that he had made. In this he gave us a classic example of how he expects us to behave and act out our faith. In the great book he says, “faith without works is dead”.(James 2:20&26)

Therefore we should also in our lives make the declaration of creation in faith through his name and go out and perform the actions that are associated with that.

Thus as we have God in us we are able to do his works as his Son Jesus Christ did as he had seen his father do and promised us that even greater works than those we would be able to do in his name.

The blind man in the book of John chapter is a classic example of the fact that whatever that you are born with or any situation that may besiege you is never meant to defeat you, but only to manifest the greatness of God’s power.

The mighty men that were under the charge of David in 2 Samuel 24 won many a battle in a supernatural manner taking on hundreds of soldiers and conquering them under the power of Christ who strengthened them (Philipians 4:13). And the victory was of the lord (2 Samuel 24:8-16).

So no matter how great the challenge may be that you are faced with, know only that the greater the challenge you are faced with, the greater the victory of the Lord and the greater the benefits that are going to come your way.

Can you imagine the distress that the blind man felt and the utter hopelessnes that he had, for before his time no man had ever been cured of blindness through either miracles or medically (John 9:32).

Here was a man who was faced with an impossible predicament, a challenge that had before that time never been known to be overcomable. And who would show him that nothing was impossible? None other than the lord unto whom glory is due.

Is there a situation or challenge that you are facing today that you feel that it is next to impossible to overcome? Well, guess what, that just gives God an opportunity to prove his omnipotence and you an opportunity to glorify his name as he clears the way of all challenges before you.