Silent Heroes

Okay. So maybe the world has been a little rough on you, but you know what it has been rough on everybody. Each and every human being on this earth has had his share of the world beating down on him unfairly.

There is no single person out there given the time and motivation who is unable to recount some sob story about how someone or some group of people in society have let him down or dissapointed him when he least expected it.

There are people in our lives that seem to have been literally sent by God into our lives. Those people who never seem to be unwilling or without the desire even though means are not always available to make a menaingful contribution in our lives. To make the effort to see us smile and be comfortable eve though there is no direct benefit to themselves.

These are the heores of our lives, they do not necessarily have much, or live the model lifestyle for that matter those people whom when we think of them feel more than just a moral obligation, but a longing to do something for them that would literally make their faces glow.

The people that try to pull you up in life so you may achieve your dreams. The people that when you dream of greater things than they can imagine do not put you down but offer you their shoulders to stand on. That you may see further, dream bigger, imagine greater and realise your potential.

Who are these great heroes that do so much? Usually those guys who shove you forward when you aare afraid to take the leap of faith, the ones that catch you when you fall. The ones that are never judgemental about why something you set out to do failed.

The ones that you can count on to be there when things turn sour. The ones that lift you up and stand aside and cheer you on when you succeed. Yes we each have such people in our lives, the guardian angels of our lives, the unsung heroes who seek nothing from us but our own success.

If you still dont know them or are too blind to see who they are, then let me shed some light. These are the mothers, the father, the brother, the aunt, the sister, the grandfather, the friend, the boyfriend, the girlfriend, the mentor, the counseller not necessarily all but as an axample may come in the form of any one of the above.

The ones whose chastise actually means something. Who when they say they are hurt by our actions you feel a deep pain in your gut telling you that something is amiss.

Yes these are the people that are the fire on a wintery night, that no matter where you are. How deep and hopeless a situation is and how insumountable a task may seeem to be, that you can take a deep breath. Imagine them by your side, what they would say to you in such a situation, get up and with renewed zest and determination take on the challenge set before you.

So whenever life hits you below the belt, remember the good days, those people that made you not only smile, but actually feel good about yourself, and know that you are worth it, because you realy are.