The world as we know it can be a wierd place, with the oddest of occurances each and every day and we strive to fathorm what is taking place.
But for a moment let me ask you to entice your imagination.

Imagine, just imagine that you where one of the most successful people that ever lived, you had it all. I mean you could literaly do anything that you wanted, you could raise or topple economies at your own discretion. Even the most powerful presidents do not have such a power. They can scream threats and send armies and threaten sanctions but the will of the people is not subject to them.

But just imagine if you where adored by all, and everyone was willing to do your every whim. Yes just indulge yourself in this fantasy for a bit, just let loose the child in you.
And then you had the most wonderful family that you can ever dream of a loving and caring wife. A son that just makes you want to jump and shout for joy.
Who is your every desire of a child. The most kind, loving and handsome kid that you have ever laid your eyes on.

All you ever hear are good reports of him. He is still just in grade school but already scholarships to University are being offered to him, because wherever he goes, he is successful in all he does.

On the field all his teammates want him as captain, wether it be volley ball, football, basket ball, hockey or anything. He just never ceases to amaze you. And you just cant imagine where he gets all the time and energy to do all this.

I mean if you had so much pressure on you just imagine how you would feel. But he, young as he is, handles it like the champion he is.

There is no bad report that you ever hear, in class he leads and others follow. He inspires others to achieve as he achieves. All the teachers wish for the day they will have him in their class.
Then imagine, just imagine one day, under his care, a wayward servant driven by a corrupt mind from his youth, performs a crime so henious and unthinkable that it can only be redeemed by performing years of slavery, torture, pain and suffering. And finally when all is said and done an agonising death.

That is not the end of it. Even after that, the name of the perpetrator is erased from very existance, banished forevermore from the mouths of men. How painful such a crime.

And then, wonder of wonders, just imagine if your son, your pride and joy. The lamp of your eyes, your very legacy offers to take the place of that slandrous villain. To suffer and be tormented and killed in the place of that servant.
So that servant may be honoured as he is and have all the favour and strenght that he has even though he is undeserving. So that the servant would also command and it be done. So that the servant would rule and have power and dominion. Oh, what an unfair trade.

Just imagine, what would it take for you to agree to such a crooked deal. I bet that you are saying you wouldn’t, not in a million years you wouldn’t.
Well, someone did, and that one is God, the one that is who he is, the great “I AM”.

He did this because he had a plan for us. A greater plan than we can ever imagine. A plan so far reaching and inspired that the hearts and minds of men are too feable to be able to comprehend its depth.

Well, that God has a plan for you, he always had, now its time to realise, what it is He wants you to achieve, whilst you live heree on earth. What it is that can enable you to claim that your time is not yet done, when death knocks at your door. What you can claim as your Godgiven mandate in this plane of existence.

Join me and let us explore